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The Purpose

IntentionRepeatStrenghtenThe Holistic Harmonization Association focuses on learning to increase the possibility and probablilidade. of harmonization both the individual field and in the community and holistic field.

We understand harmonization first individual harmonization with accountability for yourself and then the Community harmonization process with the perspectives and differing needs, preserving and respecting at the same time, the freedom of all.

For this the Association applies a holistic view based on the perspective of science / evolution spiritual intent as primary cause and learning as the main effect. Learn more...


How it works?

InsideOutInsideOutThe association applies a harmonization perspective on their projects / models to study the relevant parameters and the effects of the applied settings.

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Based on the principle "from the inside out" the study models provide a gradual learning field for each individual to take responsibility for yourself and discover your preference tools to integrate and balance your space with the space of others.
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When the perspective changes, everything changes.






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